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  • Fluidizing Powder container

Features of Powder Coating Reciprocator
1).Spray gun up and down, spray  angle can be adjusted freely, it is suitable for complex  workpiece coating.
2).Short trip, ligting speed, suitable for mass production.
3).Adjustment convenient, only speed regulation and without programming.
4).Structure is simple, low failure rate.
5). Small volume, do not take too much space.
6).Any workpieces can be used as auxiliary spraying, reduce labor intensity.

Summary of Benefits:
• Increased Uniformity – Advanced digital control.
• Smooth, Swift and Precise movement for speedy and uniform coating.
• Reduce powder consumption.
• Quick Job Change – Pre-programmable preset settings for automatic selection of stroke and speed.
• User-friendly touch screen control to control speed and stroke length.
• Also available with Servo control for pre set precision movement.
• Suitable for liquid paint application. 

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