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  • Lab Manual Powder Coating Gun

mini powder coating equipment
Automotive industry spraying lines

Working range:bodywork, bumper,Interior Trims,car GPS,large and anomaly work piece , and need to multi -angle spraying.
Brand : Huagon

Joint number: five shafts or more 
Products characteristic and purpose
1.Good flexibility and facility utilization
Large radius and good flexibility
Can spraying at inside and outside
Spraying Robot can reach 90%-95% availability
Increase the quality of spraying and material use factor.
Precision copy at spraying contrail, increase uniformity coating and quality of the finished spraying.
Reduce of the dosage in spraying and cleaning resolvent, increase the material use factor.
Easy operation and maintenance

Off-line programming, cut down a lot Field commissioning time 
plug-in unit structure and modularization design , high-speed install and replace component, cut down a lot service time.
Good maintenance in all of the components, convenient for servicing .
product purpose
suitable for use products: bodywork, bumper, Interior Trims, car GPS, large and anomaly work piece , and need to multi -angle sprayin

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